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The Power of Community

CommunityIn July’s issue, I related my experience of almost losing my beloved kitty, Kaydee. There was another aspect of that experience that space did not allow. I would like to share that with you now.

When situations arise, that are so traumatic that you don’t know how you will get through them, it is so important to have loved ones around you – whether they are friends or family. My family is all back east and was supportive to the extent that they could be, but it was not them that got me through this experience. My housemates, Laurie Johansen and Laurie Ross were.

The three of us had been building a strong friendship long before I moved into our house 4 months ago. Our friendship has grown into a community of three – sharing good times and bad, building our backyard medicine wheel (see May’s issue), drumming in the forest or just hanging out. The strength of our community was tested that day in June when I rushed Kaydee to the vet, learning she may die that very night with heart problems.

Laurie J and Laurie R were with me every step of the way, driving Kaydee and myself to vets, seeking advice from cat experts, staying up late many nights, giving Kaydee long distance reiki and comforting me in my time of need.

Through it all, I was concerned about both of their health, knowing that sleepless, worry-filled nights would be a huge strain on them. We constantly checked in with each other, but they reassured me they were ok. It brought me to tears, the lengths they would go to help a friend.

The whole experience clearly demonstrated the strength and resources that can be found within communities and the undeniable importance of balanced living and holistic care. The power of love and spirit to heal in our community was both shared and contributed by all of us… Kaydee, Myself, the Vet and Vet Technicians, Laurie J, Laurie R and the ever-present Creator. Our strong sense of spirit filled in and informed where modern science fell short. By staying receptive to spiritual guidance, focusing on the positive and the power of love to heal, collectively we were able to turn a bleak situation where Kaydee’s prognosis and survival was extremely guarded to a happy outcome.

This life altering experience has demonstrated the power of communities, however small, and the importance of sharing our light with one another. This deeper understanding has reinforced my motivation to build another much larger community through the Universal Healing Network. This Healing Network has the potential to become more than just a directory of healing practitioners and products. It offers a place to connect with others, to further our knowledge and to share resources, insights and experiences. A place to find guidance from others in lighting their own path. A place to connect. This Network has unlimited potential to create a unifying force within the holistic community. Let’s all join hands together, build a strong community and illuminate the world.


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