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Creatively Manifesting Your Goals

Vision BoardThis time last year, I was introduced to the concept of a Vision Board by my housemates, Laurie Johansen and Laurie Ross. I am a creative person, but also a Capricorn and had never thought of creatively manifesting my goals. To me, just sitting down and writing out the goals was boring - it did not make them come alive. I write them down, put them some place and then never thought about them again. Are they going to manifest in this way? Probably not. Goal setting was always a chore for me.

Creating the vision board was so much more fun! To dream, to set goals, to be open to the possibilities of my imagination really did make them come alive. After completing the board, I felt uplifted, inspired and motivated, with a real sense of direction of where I wanted to go and what I wanted in my life.

Did everything that I had on the board manifest? No, but perhaps I was not specific enough. Maybe things changed in the course of the year that rendered that goal unachievable this year. It wasn’t the right time. For example, I wanted to take a trip to Sedona and I was very specific when and with which group I wanted to go with. I did not go. On the other hand, neither did the group.

However, the things that did manifest have a “wow” factor to them. Here are some examples of things on my vision board that did manifest.

I have a big photo that says: “It’s all about balance.” This year, Robert MacDonald and Balanced Life Magazine came into my life!

There is a picture drum which is very close to a tree. On the tree, I have the words “earth saver”. This year I have spent a lot of time drumming in the forest healing the plants, trees and rocks with my drum.

I have a photo of the aurora borealis on my board. We actually had a wonderful experience of seeing them one late night not too long ago, right from our own backyard in New Westminster.

There are a couple of photos of little white dogs. My goal was to have a new companion for Kaydee, my kitten – a little white dog. One day, my housemates brought home a lost white dog and he stayed with us for a day or so until we found his owner. That dog still is connected to me and I often send him reiki and loving, warm, healing energy.

Creating a Vision Board

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the future. It may be a few months or years from today. See the person you are; what you are doing, who you are with, what you have accomplished, what is important to you, and how people relate to you. How does it feel to be you? Feel the person you are, your true self. The vision board represents the deepest and best within you. It comes out of a solid connection with your deep inner life. It can be the fulfillment of your own unique gifts. It's the expression of your unique capacity to contribute. Create the vision board to inspire you - not to impress anyone else. It communicates to you and inspires you on the most essential level.

Write down goals that you wish to accomplish over the year, or over the next couple of years. You can do one for personal goals and one for business goals or combine them. It represents who you want to be, what you want to do, how you want to feel, what you want to own, where you want to go and who you want to associate with. They can be material things, feelings or images of what you want to attract into your life.

Flip through magazines or surf the internet and collect images, thoughts, words and phrases that you want to manifest. For example, you want a new vehicle next year. Find a picture of the vehicle you want and glue it onto your vision board. Do you want to travel more? Where do you want to go? Find images of the places you want to visit and put them on the vision board. Do you want more joy and happiness in your life? Find images that would represent that for you or just the words alone will work. The more creative and detailed you are, the more powerful and accurate it will be.

When your board is complete, hang it somewhere that you can see it daily. Review it often, to see what has manifested and what has not. Next year, use this year’s vision board to reflect on what has occurred over the year. See the goals you have accomplished and what is still remaining. If those goals have not manifested, and are still desirable, carry it forward to the coming year.

The vision board is a picture of your True Self in the future. It is a statement of who you are, and who you are becoming. It is the framework for the process of creating your life. Energy follows thought. Thought is Creative. By creating a vision board, you are one step closer to manifesting your dreams in reality.

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