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People are amazed when I tell them that my company, Sue Studios, a web design company, focuses on the wellness/holistic industry. Why this industry, they ask.

My response is, because I believe in it, am involved in it and love everything about it. I am learning to be more in harmony and connected with nature in my daily life.

Medicine Wheel I share a house, living with Laurie Johansen and Laurie Ross, both of Soul*ar Energy, in New Westminster. In the backyard is a garden sanctuary of plants, flowers and trees, with incredible strong, positive energy. Many visitors to the house can feel this energy! Together, we created an aromatherapy medicine wheel in the centre of the backyard. After many hours of researching the medicine wheel, we picked, cleaned and blessed specific rocks from different locations for the wheel (bringing their energies with them). We used plants associated with each of the 4 directions. After it was completed, we received messages of gratitude from the garden as the energy shifted.

Shortly after this, we learned that on May 8, 2004 a huge medicine wheel was being erected in North America: Wyoming was the centre, North into Canada, South into Arizona, West into California and as far East as the Missouri River. "The Earth is drastically out of balance now," says Bennie LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone tribe, who had the vision of this wheel. "This Medicine Wheel ceremony will strive to re-set the basic tone - or vibrational pattern - of the West, and by extension help to re-attune the whole of the earth." We knew we had to connect our medicine wheel with this one.


We wrote our own ceremony and included drumming. We made a prayer pole and found prayer stones. We wrote down on paper the things we wanted to release and then burned them. We expressed gratitude for all the abundance we have in our lives. We said prayers to help heal Mother Earth, setting our intentions into the prayer stones and ribbons.

Susan with drumI often go out into the forest, alone or with others, and drum. After our ceremony, we went into the forest to drum. Drumming is vibration which is energy. Our drums transmit that energy to the trees, rocks and plants of Mother Earth, helping to heal her and as I discovered, myself as well. I connect with Mother Earth through the drum.

Connecting with nature, listening to the animals, plants, trees and rocks has become a daily practice for me. I put into practice the messages I receive about myself, my environment and my business. The messages, signs and synchronicities are becoming more numerous and I am listening.

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