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A Paradise For Your Body!

For months now I have been focusing on my business and working on my spiritual development. I had read that your body is a temple and you should treat it as one. I felt I was making progress on my spirituality, but as my waistline continued to expand, I realized that I was NOT treating my body as a temple.

At a tradeshow last fall I was attracted to the RejuvaLife booth. The booth created a lot of excitement. The energetic and knowledgeable women running the booth gave me a free Infra-Red Scan (and the photo of that scan) of my abdominal area to show me the level of toxicity of my internal organs. Black indicates a heavily congested system – hardened plaque and the buildup of toxins, while deep blue indicates a healthy functioning digestive tract. Well, mine (you guessed it!) was completely black!

RejuvaLife has several franchises across the Lower Mainland, with the closest one to me being RejuvaLife Burnaby Heights, owned by Penny Boyd. In February, Penny was in the market for a new website so we both saw an opportunity to exchange services.

RejuvaLife is a unique detoxification program that aids people by optimizing the body’s digestive functions and improving metabolism. It is not a weight loss program. Weight and inch loss are just side-effects (pretty good side effects, I’d say!).

During the program I learned that fat cells hold toxicity and create weight gain. On diet programs that I have taken in the past, there was never any mention of toxicity. It was always about changing/reducing the food intake and exercise. Our bodies are exposed daily to toxins – from processed/refined food, pesticides and chemicals on fruits and vegetables, body products, the environment, etc. As our bodies continually absorb all these toxins, the lymphatic system is unable to remove them all. Over the years, our digestive system can’t cope and defends itself by producing plaque and creating fat in which to store the toxins.

The program consists of two critical elements. The first is the meal plan which consists of an increased caloric intake rich in vegetables and fruits to encourage more efficient weight loss by preventing the body from entering starvation mode.

RejuvaLife Detox MachimeThe second essential element is the RejuvaLife Detoxifying Machine. This machine replicates deep tissue massage with programmed frequencies. Thirty-two pads are strategically placed on the body (in problem areas such as stomach, hips and thighs) to encourage lymphatic circulation, drainage and fat cell breakdown. Periodic pictures are taken with the Infra-Red Scan to show your progress.

Penny wanted her website to reflect a paradise, with the sun setting in magentas, pinks and oranges, the palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. I didn’t realize the connection to her design concept with RejuvaLife until much later.

When I first walked into her clinic, I was quite impressed with the ambience: palm trees are the immediate visual, the trickling of waterfalls playing in the background, exotic décor from around the world in every room, healing crystals and jewelry, essential oils, Detox Bath Salts and Nikken Magnetic Technology. You know you have walked into a Detox/Wellness Clinic.

When you speak with Penny, she says, “when my clients enter my studio, I want to involve all their senses; to see, hear, taste, touch and smell and to engage the mind, body and spirit. A spiritual journey many times begins in a health and wellness program.” She is creating the healing experience as soon as someone walks in the door - long before they actually are hooked up to the machine.

During the program, Penny may offer listening to her Holosync CD. This CD stimulates the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and accelerates mental, emotional and spiritual growth. She will give you menu ideas and extensive printed material (and direct you to her website for more information) to educate you; will assist you with emotional issues that come up during the program and offer detox teas - involving all of your senses!

After 1 month on the program, I lost 21.25 inches and 12 lbs, without exercising or being hungry. This program is a new lifestyle that I will continue using.

Penny is creating an oasis, a paradise for her clients – body, mind and soul.

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