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Issue 15 - April 2004

Hello everyone!

Spring has! Time for new changes, rebirth, renew, regenerate! In celebration of this, Sue Studios has moved to:

210 9th Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 2A1
tel: 604.525.6770

News on The Universal Healing Network - Learn what's new with the Directory
Featured Article – Do's and Don'ts of Electronic (Email) Newsletters
Tip of the Month – Creating PDF Documents
New Websites
Success Stories / Testimonials – Canadian Reiki Association
Referral Program
What do you want to see?

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News on The Universal Healing Network

The UHN is gaining momentum! Sue Studios is working with Balanced Life Magazine in helping to promote the UHN! Stay tuned for more details soon.

We have been working on fine-tuning the directory so that everything runs smoothly. There are still some kinks that will be worked out. We are almost ready to launch the events page, where those with listings will be able to add in their own events. That functionality will be password protectec. A notice will be sent to listers with this password.

If any of you have ideas on what you would like to see in the UHN, please pass your suggestions on to us.

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Featured Article

Do’s and Don’ts of Electronic (Email) Newsletters

This article includes the benefits of email newsletters, along with tips on where to collect newsletter content and tips for content format and design.

Read the full article.

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Tip Of The Month

Creating PDF Documents

PDF (Portable Document Format) was initially created by Adobe and is the standard for online documents, as they can be viewed on a variety of platforms and computers. PDF creation software is available from many companies not just Adobe. If you need to create the odd pdf document, below are a few free options.

1) Adobe:
Look in the left hand column for the button that says "create PDF online." You can create up to five documents free; after that you'll need to pay $9.99 a month or $99.00 per year for unlimited usage.

2) Create Your Own PDF:
Just paste your text into the box and hit the button. Presto, you're done.

3) GoBlc:
Free online conversion service that allows you to upload any document. They do the PDF conversion and email you back with the file.

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New Websites

Clear Your Path Energy Consulting - - a website of the services offered by Kristina Nielsen such as energy healing, moving the assemblage point, soul contract clearing and Space Clearing.

Nature's Expression - a wholesaler of crystals, rocks and mineral souvenirs in Vancouver. A complete re-design, as well as new information and the their new 2004 catalogue will be completed soon. - Sue Studios has been contracted to maintain (and clean up) the Canadian Reiki Association website. Clean-up is done!

What we are working on

The Balanced Life Magazine
Katja Ehlers
The Winding Path Soap Company
The Temple of Self-Ascension

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Sue from Sue Studios mentioned that you were unhappy with your web service when speaking with her and I would like to advise as to how we at the CRA feel about the service Sue is providing us. We were also very unhappy with the service we were getting from our last Webmaster. Please see below for our testimonial.

The Canadian Reiki Association hired Sue Studios to freshen up our website, make it more user-friendly, and supply on-going service. We have found Susan Chepelsky to be very amenable to our suggestions, offering her unique and creative input when it was needed. The site was up-dated in a timely fashion with no problems. We highly recommend Susan Chepelsky of Sue Studios. The quality of service Susan is supplying is excellent, quick and efficient.

Judy Cain
Secretary, Canadian Reiki Association
Membership Relations Director

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Referral Program

Sue Studios offers a great referral program!
The program will consist of:

  • $25 Cdn for a referred clients' site that is selected from the template packages or templates
  • $50 Cdn for a referred client's site that is over $1500
  • even more money for larger sites!

Check out our website for more details and to sign up.

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Body Soul Spirit Expo Calgary April 2-4/04
Family Health and Wellness Fair Parksville April 17/04
CHFA (Trade Health Show) Vancouver April 22-25/04
Herbal Health Fair Bowen Park, Nanaimo May 29/04
Vancouver Health Show Vancouver Oct 16-17, 2004

If you have any events that you think other practitioners/healers such as yourself would be interested in attending, please send the details to me and we will include them in the next newsletter!

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Any suggestions, comments or recommendations on what you would like to see in this newsletter, please pass it on to me.

Thanks and happy reading!

Susan Chepelsky


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