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Issue 14 - May 2005

News on The Universal Healing Network - Learn what's new with the Directory
Featured Article – Finding The Right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company
Tip of the Month – Saving Images in Different Formats
Classified Ads -Healing Space for rent
New Websites - Soul's Journey and DLMA
Success Stories / Testimonials – The Winding Path Soap Company
Referral Program
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News on The Universal Healing Network

Featured Directory Listings

Peaceful Interlude- Peaceful Interlude provides clients the cutting edge of energy medicine, along with various other healing modalities that will address the whole person, spirit, soul and body empowering each person to take an active role in healing himself or herself.

Qwest 4 Health - "Through "Live Blood Analysis' (which includes blood typing) and "Iridology", you can get loads of personal information concerning the state of your health as well as specific nutritional and supplement advice.

RejuvaLife Burnaby Heights - The RejuvaDetox program differs significantly from other weight loss systems by taking a holistic approach. The program consists of a special high-calorie meal plan of whole foods combined with treatments on the RejuvaDetox Machine, which breaks down and eliminates years of toxins and intestinal build-up. The result? Rapid weight & inch loss, increased energy, and a fresh, revitalized feeling of health & wellness.

RejvuaLife Burnaby Heights is sponsoring a seminar by James Ray here in Vancouver on May 28... learn more about this incredible seminar at:

New on News Alert

Learn about the opening of new Star Gates in March and April 2005 and one that will open in July/August.

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Featured Article

Finding The Right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company

Over 90 percent of all web surfers use search engines to find what they are looking for. If visitors are not finding your site, you may need search engine optimization (SEO) – whether you hire a company or do it yourself.

Keeping a website at the top of the search engines has become a science. The best search engines frequently modify the way their databases list websites, and constantly change the search criteria used to find and present web pages.

You may have already been approached by SEO companies promising #1 rankings and instant success. How do you know which company to believe and which are not being upfront?

Here are some things to consider when looking for the right SEO for your business...

Read the full article.

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Tip Of The Month

Saving Images in Different Formats

If you have an image in a TIFF format and want to save it as a JPEG, or maybe you have a BMP and you want to turn it into a GIF, the process is usually very easy.

First, open the original image in your favourite imaging program. Now click on the File Menu, Save As. Most programs will have a drop box full of various formats you can save your file as. Simply pick the one you want - with one exception—GIFs.

GIF files are not the best format for saving actual photographs, but it works great for images like screen shots and drawings. In some programs, you can just directly save as a GIF, in others, you'll need to choose to Export, As GIF. Still others want you to "Save for web" (Photoshop CS, for instance). Regardless, you'll find that many programs just don't have GIF as an option to "Save As", so you may need to hunt around for it a bit (still should be under the File menu).

If your program is really picky, you may even need to convert the image mode to "Index Color" before you can save it. There's usually an option for "Mode" or "Image Mode" under an Image or Edit menu.

Now, if you’re going from a GIF to another format, you may be faced with the reverse problem—you can't directly save the GIF as a JPEG for instance. In this case, going to that Image Mode menu is your solution. Just change from Index Color to RGB and you'll be all set.

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Classified Ads

Beautiful Downtown Location - Space for Healing Work, Intuition Guidance, Counseling etc.
If you are looking to expand your practice, and are searching for a beautiful, warm and professional location we have an opportunity for you!:

Location: West End Vancouver (Downtown, 1 Block from Stanley Park, Close to English Bay & Coal Harbour)
Layout: 1 Main Open Area with wood floors, large windows, soothing colours. Perfect for classes, workshops, group work, seminars. (holds approx. 25 people)
2 Healing/Office spaces perfect for private or small group work (holds approx. 6 comfortably or a comfortable set up for a Healing Table)
Building: Commercial Zoned 2 storey building. (We are located on the second storey, but with a private street entrance). Average foot traffic.
Surrounding Store Examples: The Running Room, Bosley's Pets, Bike Rentals, Sky Diving Shop, Veterinarian etc.

Nestled in Vancouver's West End, we offer a perfect space for healing, teaching and sharing guidance. If you are looking to expand your practice, and are searching for a beautiful, warm and professional location, please contact us for more information. (We would like to find someone to take 1 healing/office space on a fulltime basis. We would share the class/workshop area.)

Contact Information: Lee-Anne Wiseman, Within Wellness - 604 696 9355, or

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New Websites

Soul's Journey - This is the website of Bonnie Smith, the President of the Canadian Reiki Association. She wanted a site that would represent a new phase of her journey, her Soul's Journey.

Downtown Langley Merchant's Association - DLMA had revamped its marketing activities and wanted their website to reflect these changes.

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"We wish to thank Sue Chepelsky (aka Sue Studios) for her artistic talents in creating our website. Sue has been patient with our procrastination, while quickly responding to all of our requests and questions. With her experienced suggestions and attention to detail, we have watched our website metamorphasize from photos and scribbled notes to a website that we have received many compliments on.

We are planning yet another website and look forward to having Sue work her magic on this one as well. We definately recommend Sue and her abilities for any website, be it large or small, be it new, or for updating an old one.

Congratulations on your award Sue, much earned and well deserved!"

Courtney Findlay and Susann Collins
The Winding Path Soap Company

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Referral Program

Sue Studios offers a great referral program!
The program will consist of:

  • $25 Cdn for a referred clients' site that is selected from the template packages or templates

  • $50 Cdn for a referred client's site that is over $1500

  • even more money for larger sites!

Check out our website for more details and to sign up.

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Vancouver Health Show, Oct 29-30, 2005

Location: Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
Description: Organic foods, health food retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, practitioners, natural clothing companies, essential oil outlets - anyone contributing to the health wave!
Tel: 1-800-563-9994

If you have any events that you think other practitioners such as yourself would be interested in attending, please send the details to me and we will include them in the next newsletter!

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Any suggestions, comments or recommendations on what you would like to see in this newsletter, please pass it on to me.

Thanks and happy reading!

Susan Chepelsky


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