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The most common testimonial Marie hears is that she is an amazing teacher. When you attend one of her teleclasses, you will appreciate her depth, her humor, and her unique combination of facilitator and teaching skills.

Marie JohnsenMarie set up her first incorporated company in 1996 and is a founding member of Heartwave. Previously, Marie wrote insurance contracts for major corporations such as Telus, BC Hydro, and Weyerhaeuser. She held administrative management, training, marketing, and selling roles in both the group insurance and day spa industries.

As a result, Heartwave clients receive a unique blend of business concepts that she acquired in those entrepreneurial and unionized environments. In 2001, she completed Simon Fraser University's Advanced Study in Writing for Business and the Professions; she is augmenting her leadership and consulting skills through the Graduate School of Coaching, a virtual training institute, and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), headquartered in San Rafael, California.

She is actively involved in pro bono coaching, co-creating ways to build community. Her passion is designing and facilitating processes and programs that help individuals and corporations work within universal operating principles.


Personal qualities to support your process

Analytical, creative, courageous, direct, heart-centered.

Approach and philosophy

Accept that you are a perfect person.

Favorite quote

Growth demands a temporary surrender of security — Anonymous

Frustrated with any of these problems?

bullet My spouse is a workaholic.
bullet I'm doing a job I hate and I can't pretend anymore that it isn't making me sick.
bullet I'm afraid to give up all this money and security.
bullet I'm bored stiff; I'm not maximizing my potential but I just can't seem to keep myself motivated for very long.
bullet I'm resentful because I'm not appreciated around here.
bullet If only I could afford to do what I love.
bullet The atmosphere around here is pretty angry.
bullet My boss is a real pain! It wouldn't be so bad around here if he/she were gone.
bullet I wish I could find someone who could listen to me without all the judgments. I could really use some objective feedback.
bullet We've got too many chiefs around here.
bullet I can't seem to motivate my employees. Our employee turnover rate is over 100%. So much wasted time and money training and retraining the wrong people.
bullet Our corporate language isn't lean and trim. Employees don't understand it.
bullet There's not enough clarity and structure around here. Everyone is doing their own thing.


If you are enjoying the content of this site, consider whether there is a proficiency and preference match between what you need and what we offer. Join me in an exciting and thought-provoking conversation: a perfect opportunity to build mutual trust. Call our message center at 604.261.9320 to arrange a mutually convenient time to chat.

Best regards,

M Johnsen

Marie Johnsen
Program Facilitator & CEO


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