Creating corporations and  communities that glow!



We are in the business of corporate and personal evolution.

We offer you specific tools to help you create calmness, connection, and potency in your corporate and personal life. Our business is about taking you from fear and restriction to knowledge and freedom. We teach safety and abundance in a world that is highly competitive. We value integrity; we see and imitate the perfection of nature; we espouse scientific and spiritual wisdom.

Oscar Gutierrez's image of the Glory Lily represents the essence and spirit of our company: depth, intensity, vitality, and passion. Your alliance with our energy, the energy of our independent partners, and our referral network gives you access to a community of heart-centered professionals whose priority is to provide you with sustainable, affirming solutions for you and your business.


bullet Meet the owner, Marie Johnsen.
bullet Send a personal and confidential e-mail to briefly outlining your inquiry.
bullet Call our message center at 604.261.9320 to arrange a 25-minute telephone appointment.


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