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We, our means Heartwave Solutions Inc.
Member means approved applicant.
You, your means applicant.

Profile project

We are excited about designing an on-line referral service that helps consumers easily locate service providers who have achieved the necessary qualifications through certification, designation, doctoral, or masters degrees. We take a very personal and thorough approach to deliver optimum results to both consumers and members.

Who can join?

The list of possible candidates is endless: part-time or full-time solo professionals, small business owners, and individuals who resonate with our branding statement. Examples include people who create physical, emotional, and spiritual health such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, dieticians, doctors, energy healers, herbalists, nurses, nutritionists, and therapists.

Another professional sector includes people who protect and grow our financial health: accountants, conflict negotiators, financial planners, insurance agents, and real estate agents. Lastly, we underscore all businesses that support joyful living: spas, resorts, and travel agencies. Welcome one and all!

Will you restrict the number of duplicate professionals?

No. We believe the universe is abundant and that opportunities exist in every community.

How will we select the profiles to include?

We select candidates who continually build their intellectual, emotional, and influential range of skills; we reciprocate by designing and maintaining a supportive, learning environment to fortify this growth. Our application is demanding and not every profile will be included in our project. Specifically, priority is given to British Columbia applicants.


Why have we started this project?

We started this project to:

bullet Create a community of people who share common values and goals: corporate and community health
bullet Draw on the power of the group to manifest member goals faster
bullet Serve our mutual clients by offering them quality business referrals

What will the profiles look like?

Our R & D team will provide valuable input into the final design but member profiles are expected to be compelling.

When will I hear from you?

We have set aside time and energy to review the first 500 applications and to conduct a 25-minute telephone information exchange with a select number of candidates; however, we speculate that our response time will be approximately four to six months from the date we receive your submission. Please be patient.


Interested candidates are invited to:

bullet Review our privacy policy.
bullet Complete a confidential application.
bullet Click on the submit button at the end of the application.


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