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What we do


Our mission — heart connection — our energy, and our custom-designed solutions make us unique.


As caring facilitators, we empower you to connect with yourself, your friends, your spouse, your passion, and your career. The journey from disconnection to connection is powerful and profound. Embarking on this journey requires your wisdom, your time, your energy, and our dedicated support.


Consider how these collaborative tools might assist you.

Free & lost cost options Private options Corporate options
Home study e-courses Personal coaching Corporate analysis
Teleclasses Reiki and GeoTran™ Employer sponsorship programs
Forms and worksheets Assessments Marketing opportunities


Home study e-courses

The cyberskills e-course is designed to help you acquire or retain desirable employment or self-employment skills. To view the content of your free online home study course, click here. More e-courses coming.



Building a strong personal foundation helps you attract and maintain relationships of value. Our teleclasses are especially effective if you are looking for a supportive environment. Our signature bundle includes five one-hour overview classes to help you:

bullet Explore a subject that might help you solve your existing problem
bullet Determine whether you wish to create a deeper level of learning in this subject
bullet Structure a networking opportunity for you with other class members
bullet Provide a handy educational on-line learning service for you


Forms and worksheets

Our self-discovery worksheets simplify and fast-track your personal and business goals. As a registered teleclass member, you are eligible to receive a selection of free business, financial, educational, administrative, and professional development forms in PDF format.


Coaching sessions

These are the types of questions we ask our clients:

bullet Are you ready to release your pain/victim payoff?
bullet How do you pulsate with joy in a joyless culture?
bullet How frequently do you become reaction-prone?
bullet What's the main challenge you're facing right now?
bullet How extensive are your personal reserves of money, love, time, and energy?
bullet What value do you assign to harmony and proficiency in the workplace?
bullet How do you define and model personal and corporate success?
bullet What needs/values are not getting met in your existing corporate role?
bullet How do your weaknesses contribute to your company's net loss?
bullet If money were not a factor, when would you sell your business, or leave your existing career, company, or relationship?

To determine your state of readiness for personalized coaching, click here (PDF format).


Reiki and GeoTran™ sessions

We are pleased to present two alternative personal evolution techniques through our independent partner, Dorothy Becker. As a Reiki Master, Dorothy uses various hand techniques and an understanding of the human energy system to balance and realign your chakras and to create cognitive and emotional awareness that is in alignment with your intention.

Dorothy also provides GeoTran™ integrations using kinesiology or muscle testing. Because your body never lies, the accuracy and speed of these sessions are quite miraculous when compared to conventional therapies. For more information, click here.



For more than thirty years, the Personal Profile System® has helped over 40 million people lay a strong personal foundation for success in their work and home environments. Imagine the value of a simple, precise, non-judgmental report that helps you understand why you act the way you do in certain situations, and what your options are. With this personalized confidential report, you can create a specific roadmap that helps you focus on the things that really matter to you.

Personal Profile SystemThe online questionnaire for the Personal Profile System® takes 10 minutes to complete. It's that simple. We generate a comprehensive 14-page report, send it to you by e-mail, allow you to check out the report with your friends and family, and then offer you a telephone consultation to review your DiSC® profile and answer any questions you may have. Our introductory package price of $100 CDN (regularly $200) is guaranteed until our online payment facilities are finalized. In the meantime, we will invoice you or your company, and provide you with the appropriate e-mail link and access code so that you can start your online questionnaire right away. For invoicing purposes, e-mail us with your full contact particulars.

If you enjoy an interactive learning process, Marie will be hosting free introductory teleclasses to help you make an informed choice about the incredible range of products available to you and the benefits of each. The most popular research-based learning aids include:

bullet Leadership Profile bullet Learning Profile bullet Listening Profile
bullet Relationship Profile bullet Stress Profile bullet Work Expectations Profile

Prior to the class, we will e-mail you Marie's personal leadership profile so that you can learn more about her, and test the validity of her computerized assessment during the teleclass. Teleclass registration dates will be forthcoming based on interest levels. For individuals who wish to review extensive research papers, we provide you with the following links to the Inscape Publishing web site:

bullet Personal Profile System® research report (PDF file format)
bullet Comparison study between the Personal Profile System® and The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (PDF file format)
bullet Personal Profile System® stress research report (PDF file format)

E-mail us at with your specific inquiries or requirements.


Corporate analysis

Coming in 2004…
Our on-site corporate analysis brings you an opportunity to hire an energetic team of independent professionals when you need them for as long as you need them. Custom designed corporate assessments include any combination of the following services:

bullet Hands-on experience to oversee or do the job
bullet Independent research and development services
bullet Analysis or consultation services
bullet Corporate coaching services


You might decide that you need to rework your existing mission statement. If you have a limited amount of time, or if you are not sure where to start, we ask you pertinent questions such as:

bullet What is the real reason you are in business?
bullet What does the public expect from your company?
bullet Can you brand your mission statement in seven words or less?

check mark "Get it there."
ex mark "We work hard to deliver exceptional customer service by delivering your package anywhere in the world, on time."

E-mail us at with your specific inquiries or requirements.


Employer sponsorship

Coming in 2004…
We design employee and family assistance programs (EFAP) that provide ways to support and promote organizational change. Like event planning, we combine a variety of professionals and their tools that meet your unique requirements. Call our message center at 604.261.9320 to arrange a 25-minute telephone exchange. If you prefer, e-mail us at with your specific inquiries or requirements.


Marketing opportunities

Three of our marketing principles are outlined below:

  1. One third of the business you attract is based on your personal style; one third is based on your product knowledge and technical training; and the final third is based on how well you sell yourself to today's sophisticated market.

  2. A third party endorsement is more valuable than self-endorsement.

  3. Synergy and collaboration between like-minded companies engages people.

Here's another way of looking at our marketing edge.

If not now, when?
Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.
There's a higher level of play available to you. Step up to the plate.
All that's between you and success is a bit of self-awareness.
Fear is just your perception of a closed door.
It's a lot more fun doing it together!

If there a synergistic match between our marketing styles, then consider which of the following solutions might serve you best:

bullet Writing or collaborating on an educational e-course that meets the needs of your client base
bullet Advertising in our referral network section to test your market appeal
bullet Co-hosting a teleclass to amplify your exposure and self-confidence
bullet Joining our R & D teams for networking exposure, friendship, and fun

Need help getting started? E-mail us at, or call our message center at 604.261.9320.


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